For Sale: A 2015 Ford Transit Adventure Van

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Detailed Information About the Van

Van Highlights:

Model: 2015 Ford Transit Adventure Van
Asking Price: $31,000
Location: Central Virginia, near Richmond
Physical Features: Medium roof, long wheel base (148 inches)
Engine: V6 gasoline 3.7L
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive
Mileage: 162,000 miles
Bed Size: Full-size double bed with memory foam mattress, 73x52 inches, easily disassembled
Bike Storage: Dual bike pull-out tray under the bed, slides four feet out from the van
Electrical System: 100Ah battery capacity, 2000W inverter, powers lights, fan, fridge, etc., recharges from van's engine, includes comprehensive schematic of electrical system
Storage: Ample interior storage, dedicated space under the bed for larger items
Swivel Passenger Seat: Provides extra lounging space
Lighting Options: Mood, overhead, or dimmed perimeter lighting
Water System: Easy-to-fill and dump clean and gray water system
Window Coverings: Magnetic window coverings for easy privacy
Fridge: Super efficient 26 quart chest fridge


Discover the thrill of the open road with this custom-built 2015 Ford Transit Adventure Van! This versatile and dependable companion, with its V6 gasoline engine and rear wheel drive, has journeyed through 162,000 miles of adventure, showcasing its impressive performance every step of the way.

Residing in Central Virginia, near Richmond, this van is itching to get back on the road. It's the perfect vessel for exploring the serenity of national parks or navigating bustling cities, all while maintaining a stealthy, unassuming profile. It's been my trusty "mobile fortress" for over a year of traveling, and now it's ready for its next chapter with an adventurous soul.

From a comfortable full-size double bed to an easy-to-access dual bike pull-out tray and a robust 100Ah electrical system that powers everything you need, this van is packed with features to make your journey comfortable and convenient. There's plenty of storage for all your gear and some larger toys, and a swivel passenger seat that's perfect for lounging post-adventures.

With adjustable lighting options, a hassle-free water system, and magnetic window coverings, you're in complete control of your environment. And the highly efficient 26 quart chest fridge is a godsend for long-term travel.

This custom-built 2015 Ford Transit Adventure Van is the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and versatility on wheels. It's time to map your own route and begin your own adventure!

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